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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Many of our Door Jobs have several types of Door Styles and materials on the same job. The upper cabinets have one style (perhaps Arched Doors), while the lower cabinets have Square Doors, and other parts of the job have a completely different door style and material. Can DoorlisterŽ handle this?
A. DoorlisterŽ can handle an unlimited number of door styles and materials per job.
Q. We have a some customers that order doors in metric sizes but we use inches in our shop. Is there a way to enter orders in millimeters, have the Invoice Sent to the customer in millimeters (so it is like they ordered) but have DoorlisterŽ calculate the shop cutting lists in inches?
A. Yes, you can enter orders in inches or millimeters and choose to have the customer reports printed out in inches or millimeters and have the shop cutting lists put out in inches.
Q. We price doors by the square foot but it depends on the material and door style as to what the price is. Can DoorlisterŽ handle this type of pricing structure.
A. As you know, the intricacies of pricing custom cabinet doors is out of the bounds of most accounting programs, but DoorlisterŽ is designed for your type of business. DoorlisterŽ lets you establish not only and unlimited number of Door Styles, but also an unlimited number of materials and price columns for the materials. You can have a design (or setup) charge for a door style and also a square foot price for each door style. You can also have a minimum price each or a minimum square footage for each door style. If you have a price structure that is important to you and you think that DoorlisterŽ may not be able to handle it, give us a call and we will discuss it.
Q. We have Tiger® Stops and want to know if DoorlisterŽ will send parts to the Tiger Stops
A. DoorlisterŽ has a built in export capability to send CSV (Comma Separated Values) files designed to be compatible with (imported into) Tiger Link Software. The Tiger sink software then loads these files and sends them to the Tiger Stops. If you have the tiger stops without the Tiger Link Software, then you will need to upgrade and get the Tiger Link Software working with your stops first. If your Tiger Link Software is on your network, then you can tell DoorlisterŽ where (what drive and directory) to send the data and it will automatically be sent there. If your Tiger Link Software is isolated from your computer network or you don't have a network, then you can save the data files to disk and move them that way.
Q. We need to be able to send Invoice information to our accounting software. Can DoorlisterŽ do this?
A. DoorlisterŽ has an optional connection module for QuickBooks®. For other accounting packages, we can almost always build a custom method if transferring DoorlisterŽ data to the accounting package. This is done on a case by case basis and will be priced separately. See QuickBooks connections for more information
Q. We want to get DoorlisterŽ, but we already have a door program and have made many custom reports over the years. Is there any way to match reports that we are used to?
A. Our core business is software development and customizing DoorlisterŽ to fit your needs is one of the main ways that DoorlisterŽ has grown over the years. We often make custom reports for specific situations. Usually we have you send us a sample of what you want by FAX or Email and then we will give you a quote to have your report built into DoorlisterŽ.
Q. We are concerned about the time it will take to setup DoorlisterŽ and get it running at our facility. Do you have someone that can come to our location to help setup DoorlisterŽ and train our people?
A. Many companies set up DoorlisterŽ themselves but others choose to have our staff come out and help with the setup and training. We will travel to "anywhere" to help setup DoorlisterŽ and provide training.
Q. What about technical support and software upgrades, do you give free technical support?
A. DoorlisterŽ comes with 90 days free technical support and upgrades. After that our "On Track" service program includes free technical support and free upgrades. See "On Track Service" for details.
Q. When customers call and ask about the status of their jobs in the shop we have to call or run out there and find the job to see what is happening. Can DoorlisterŽ track the progress of jobs in the shop?
A. DoorlisterŽ has an optional "Job Tracking Module" that lets you track a jobs through all the steps of your manufacturing processes. With this module, you can check the status of any job "instantly". See Job Tracking Module for more details.
Q. If I have computers located in the shop running DoorlisterŽ, what is to stop employees from changing jobs or parts on a job, checking pricing etc?
A. DoorlisterŽ has a security module that lets you establish security levels for each employee having access to DoorlisterŽ. With this module, you can help control who can do what within DoorlisterŽ. See Security Module for more information.
Q. DoorlisterŽ sounds interesting, but it is a lot of money. Is there a way we can get a demonstration of DoorlisterŽ to see how it really works?
A. We can give you a live demonstration of DoorlisterŽ. During the demonstration you can see DoorlisterŽ in action and see how easily it takes and order and "instantly" creates not only complicated Invoices but shop cutting lists as well. See "Live-Demo" for details.


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