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Founded by Gene Hammond

Gene has been working in Software development since 1985.

Armed with a BS Degree in mathematics and about 20 years in the woodworking industry, Gene was fortunate to be working for a company that allowed him to take on the task of computerizing a large cabinet shop. Starting with AutoCad™ Release 1.1, Gene began the task of computerizing drawings for cabinet layout and exporting data from the CAD files to a database. Once in a database, creating cutting lists was a matter of gathering data and presenting it in a usable fashion.

It was like "finding my nitch...", says Gene. "I was able to combine by experience in woodworking with my education in mathematics." Computing and database development soon became a full time effort for Gene.

Clock Tower at 120 and 108 Located in Oakdale, California, "we are in the heart of the Central Valley about 1/2 way between the San Francisco Bay area and Yosemite Valley". Cowboy Statue in Silouette

Software Development


Since 1987, Hammond Consulting (then known as Vertical) has been developing Doorlister®, "The Cabinet Door Making Solution". Doorlister® is used by Cabinet Door Manufacturers all across the continent..


Prior to Hammond Consulting, Gene worked with Percon's Menlo Park Software development division where he spearheaded development of 7 software products. These products (collectively known as IntelliTrackô), are currently responsible for several million dollars in annual sales for PSC Inc. Oregon. (PSC bought out Percon).

Custom Software Projects

Specializing in Microsoft Access and SQL Databases, Hammond Consulting builds custom software projects to specification.

Other software activities include software customization and training for companies such as: Southern California Gas, Loral Space Systems, ARCO and W.H. Brady (the world's largest label manufacturer).

Because of Gene's experience in the woodworking industry, Hammond does many custom projects for wood working manufacturers. Companies like Valley Custom Door of DePere Wisconsin and Cal Door of Gilroy California use "customized" versions of Doorlister®. These versions take orders from customers and automatically produce shop cutting lists, feed computer controlled saws and "talk" to accounting systems.

Hammond Consulting
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Oakdale, CA 95361

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